5 Ways for parliamentarians to get social media right…

The beginning of 2021 shows how disastrously politics and social media can combine. But far from whipping up a mob, a smart and responsible use of social media can build vital connections between parliament and people.

Caution is needed. Though the platforms may be easy and free to use, social media is a complex and dynamic space that requires careful consideration. …

Venezuelan National Police members stand guard outside the National Assembly. © Cristian Hernandez / AFP

Torture, abduction, threats, acts of intimidation, arbitrary arrest, murder…just some of the alleged human rights violations cases recently reviewed by the IPU.

New allegations of human rights violations against parliamentarians in countries holding elections have recently been brought to the attention of the IPU. The cases involve opposition MPs whose…

Inter-Parliamentary Union

Empowering parliaments and MPs to promote #peace, #democracy and #sustainabledevelopment as the global organization of national #parliaments.

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